Essentially a giant version of a Sparrowhawk, sharing its adaptations for hunting in forests the Goshawk, especially the Buzzard sized Female, is capable of killing a Pheasant. The Male is a lot smaller than the Female but is as big as a large Female Sparrowhawk. The tow can be hard to tell apart, but the Goshawk has longer wings, a deeper, bulkier body, and less of a square-tipped tail. Often found exclusively in dense forest, Goshawks are best looked for in early spring when they soar over breeding territories in courtship display flights.


3 Responses to Goshawk

  1. Adam Lightfoot says:


    I am interested using the photo of the Northern Goshawk standing over a kill in a document. May I ask where you received to use it from? I have not been able to locate the copyright owner’s contact information yet.

    I would appreciate any help. Thank you!


  2. tim moore says:

    beautiful Bird and Apex predator

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