Ring-necked parakeet

In Britain it is generally found in suburban areas, parks and orchards. But in India where it lives in wild not feral state it lives in jungles, city’s and arable farmland. The silhouette is distinctive with a long pointed tail and pointed wings. The flight is distinctive with rapid flickering wings. on the ground it waddles on short legs, it is often seen in small groups sometimes in larger flocks. communal flocks are very noisy but are often difficult to see in the branches of mature trees (but seeing as they often fly from one tree to another I find in my personal experience that they aren’t that difficult to see). The latest estimate is that there are 5900 adults and their numbers are increasing. In India it feeds on seeds, buds, fruit and cereals, in Britain it also eats apples, pears, cherries, hawthorn berries and visits bird tables for peanuts and sunflower seeds.






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