White Tailed Sea Eagle

A huge heavy-billed bird, with extremly long plank-like wings and a short tail, a distinctive flight silhouette often helps to identify this awe-inspiring bird. The adults of the species have pale heads, yellow bills and white tails.

The White Tailed Sea Eagle has made an amazing recovery over recent years having been hunted to extinction in the 17 hundreds through 19 hundreds (especially with the rise of sheep farming) reducing them to a small remnant population furthermore, the very rarity of the bird atracted victorian egg thiefs and stuffed bird collectors. However in 1968 a conservation attempt to reintroduce the White Tailed sea Eagle failed, but in 1975 a much more ambitious rintroduction attempt involving voluntary and Government orginizations in Britain and norway, which saw the establishment of a handfull of Norwegen Eagleson the Isle of Rhum(in the inner Heb rides). The White Tailed Eagles progress has been slow but steady, having after 30 years There were still under 30 pairs and few succesfull nests. On the other hand in 2007 the 200th chic was fledged from a scottish nest. The center of operations is now mull, were the public can vew these magnificent birds without fear of disturbing them.

Guardian Story



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